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My best photo..! Taken when 17 years old..!
dari HENDRO YUGO UTOMO - Selasa, 27 November 2012, 08:33
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I want to learn something that i don't know, i'll continue to make change in my self to positive person, i don't care what people say about me but i must let my self better to the future, keep trying 'till it work....! this my blog but no much content in this blog, would you visit my blog..? Http://

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dari EKO SUGIYANTO - Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012, 16:12
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Gambar dari FAHRUR RIZKI
dari FAHRUR RIZKI - Minggu, 30 September 2012, 23:55
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dari EKA HADIYANTO - Rabu, 19 September 2012, 10:55
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On this occasion I will try to give you  tutorial how to install the Alexa rank widget on Blog or Website.  The Tutorial or how to install the Alexa rank widget on WebBlog is deliberately to  you who do not know how, can install the Alexa rank widget on your blog. Here are the steps to install the Alexa rank widget on Web Blog :
  •  At Page  Home, click the Products menu, the page will appear Alexa products. then click on the link that reads see other tools for site owners who were located at the left bottom of the page.
  •  then the page will appear as shown below. Click the link / article site Alexa widgets.

  • Select one of the three options given by alexa, you can use theAlexa Site Stats Button, Button Alexa Trafic Rank orAlexa Trafic Graph. Enter the address of the blog and click Build Widget. (Web  using Alexa Site Stats)

  • The last step is to choose a widget that will display Alexa posted on blogs and copy their HTML code.

  • Enter html code Alexa Widget on your blog by logging in to Blogger, Layout, TambahGadget, select HTML / Javascript. Alexa Widget paste the code into the HTML / Javascript and Save.
According my experience , the first time you use the Alexa Widget, Rank blog  only reads no data and links in 0. But after a time, and links rank in Alexa Widget is showing data. So make your new widget is installed you do not need to worry as this is not unusual. Similarly Tutorial How to install or Alexa Widget in Blog or Web. Hopefully useful and greeting SAKSES


Now ,  to verify your Paypal account  isn't using Credit Card or VCC, just using a local bank account you have you can verify your Paypal account with an easier way. Here's how to verify your Paypal account without using a credit card and VCC ,

Login to


then go to your profile menu located on the top right and click add / edit bank account.


 Fill in the data completely

If the process of entering the data bank has been completed, the next step is to contact the Paypal by clicking the Contact Us or Contact Us located on the bottom right.

After that you will be taken to Paypal help center. Select Email and send questions regarding laden that must be completed so that you can immediately Paypal account verified.

At this stage you are just waiting for the reply of the Paypal. If there is already a reply that contains the requiremwnts to be completed, do submit immediately  and send it back to Paypal. if the data is correct, within 2 x 24 hours you will get an email reply stating your Paypal account is verified.You can simply check your Paypal account and if it is verified then your previous status notice Unverified become Verified.

The requirements you must complete and send to your Paypal Party is Data Identification and Proof of Savings Book that you have. You can also send files must be less than 500 kb. 


By adding information such as the image above, finally My Paypal account is approved and verified by the Paypal. Similarly misteruban post about how to verify Paypal without using a credit card and VCC versions of Indonesia, may be useful for you all.


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dari EKA HADIYANTO - Rabu, 19 September 2012, 09:41
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What Is Adsense ?

Adsense is  a business company owned by Google. You was  know Google , wasn’t it ?. This is a world class company  very rich, website  its , could also

Well, is popular as a website where people are looking for something on the internet. almost all the information in the world can be found on Google . Because people already know a lot of people looking for something in there, the most of people are INSERTING information to Google in hopes they’ll meet the people who are looking. So Google is looking for a website where looking for.

When searching for information on google, how to simply go to the website and type what you’re looking for, of course, if you just look for it for free. Meanwhile, to enter your own information on Google there are paid, some are free. Even without any we enter, write down the information that we have on our website can get itself into Google because Google has robots that wander into any website in the world and gather information to be stored on Google’s own website.

Google’s increasingly popular, more and more people want to “display” information there or advertise yourself there to see (if the business then that behavior) then so be Google’s website as website advertising, can be ad free and still awesome (if you smart on  SEO ), can also paid to the special position more often (even if you do not master SEO.) What is SEO ? please read on SEO Search Engine Optimization . More broadly, the program can be referred to as an advertising marketing, in this case is marketing through the Internet, and is a fancy term internet marketing .

However, if the information that Google only managed centrally in the website is still very limited and the means to search for information that has been entered into Google must also to the Google website. That’s still less than brilliant. The more people who hang their ads to Google and pay of course. That makes Google the rich and large, of their advertising programs. At this level  was working alone. Limited in the resources they have it.

I understand about the time factor can make  business spread all over the world are using other people’s websites, manpower and time to others,   then do not want to work alone. Google wants, even if one does not visit the website though people can still receive information from their website. Finally, Google made a web ad to millions of websites around the world using other people to publish or display advertising business information Google customers (paying customers).

From paying customers is one of Google to pay cash customers is referred  as ADVERTISER, these customers insert their ads into google through a program called Google Adwords.

Meanwhile, people who are providing some space on its website for customers google ads that pay earlier, called publishers or PUBLISHER. Publisher of course get paid from Google, because the publisher helps Google to show their ads earlier. You have a picture now? Yes, the Google program that allows us to have a website to work with Google to show their ads  called Google Adsense is now very famous. 

Try to re-read the above two paragraphs to distinguish clearly what it is and what it’s Advertiser Publisher.

The person: 
= Advertiser pays to Google, as they advertise. 
Publisher = paid Google, as it helps Google deliver ads.

The program name: 
Google Adwords = to serve ads on google. 
Google Adsense to serve ads = google.

If you already understand completely the difference, please continue reading. If you do not understand the difference please repeat once again. It is very important that your understanding mantabbb!.

Ok, we move on.

How does it work?

To make it easier, we call it the google ads that show before (Publisher) is YOU. While advertisers (Advertiser) are millions of others in this world.Okay?

In order for google ads appear on your website, then you must register first to Google to participate in the Google Adsense program. Later you’ll be able adsense code (Adsense Code) to put on your website. Adsense Code is not advertising, but the program code only. Once placed on the website then Adsense Code you this was going to take the ad automatically to match the theme of your website. Ads that have been taken earlier (loaded)  then will appear  ads on your website.

If the topic of your website about Tahitian Noni Juice, the ads that appear even about Tahitian Noni Juice. Next time we will discuss why this is so. All you have to imagine now that Google ads will correspond with the content of the website so called targeted ads (ads that are targeted).

Millions of people place their ads through the program Google Adwords.Then on your website that has posted the code adsense ads will appear like the example image above. Every time Google ads that appear on the website on your website is clicked the earlier you get paid by Google. Google paid who? yes by millions of advertisers whose ads was clicked. For example: When clicked  the Advertiser pays Rp 1000,  I took  Rp 500 and you get paid Rp 500 (this is an example).

Advertisers pay the cost of advertising. As in the newspapers or on TV, the state paid advertisements although not necessarily what they are advertising to sell, so pay the cost of advertising. Google received the money, you get a commission . Working together in a mutually beneficial advertising business.

People like you that have a website (I assume before you as the player Google Adsense) numbers or perhaps hundreds of millions of people in this world as well. Ads placed by advertisers through Google Adwords was also performed on millions of websites like yours. Program advertising or marketing or marketing such as this into a world class business that is very large. And because it is done via the internet it is called Business Internet Marketing The Major: Business Internet Marketing Adsense!

Now you understand the concept, that Google Adsense is a Business Internet Marketing . You also understand the concept of why players Adsense can be money, where can the money, why paid and who pays.

By running the Google Adsense program you can gain extra income is very large. By advertising through Google Adwords program to spread your ad all over the world instantly. If what you offer in Google Adwords is a powerful business then the result could be a business bestseller that sold more devastating.

Ok, in this article we focus only  the meaning of Adsense as Business Internet Marketing .

About how to apply Adsense, What should be done to get the money, how to keep your Adsense drain more and more money, how so that you can walk like Adsense automatically, and so you can see at another title.


 may hope  useful for you,  Looking  forward to my next writings.

Thank you very much.

Best regards

visit Web Loket Bi$ni$

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Gambar dari MUKROMIN
dari MUKROMIN - Selasa, 18 September 2012, 06:17
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cara belajar untuk mendapat nilai baik susah ,sangat susah itu yang saya alami sekarang .

dari MUHAMAD DANY DWI MULYANA SAHMAN - Senin, 17 September 2012, 23:56
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Hello guys! This is my very first blog entry in this UT Learning Center Blog. Nama saya Muhamad Dany Dwi Mulyana Sahman, umur saya 20 tahun *masih muda kan? :p. Saya dari UPBJJ Bogor mengambil major S1 Komunikasi. Minta doanya dan saling mendoakan, insya Allah akan belajar dengan baik, punya target IP juga yang sebesar *sensor* yakin terpenuhi. Dan doa saya yang penting bisa bertahan sampai lulus menjadi sarjana komunikasi, meskipun ke depannya akan kuliah formal di tempat lain atau bekerja (lagi) . So, semangat !!
[ Mengubah: Senin, 17 September 2012, 23:58 ]
dari AHIT NUR ANISAFIN - Kamis, 13 September 2012, 19:06
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Aktifitas my big family
dari ERLIS - Kamis, 13 September 2012, 18:45
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salam persahabatan
dari LALU IMAM IFTIHAR - Rabu, 12 September 2012, 16:25
Anyone in the world
Salam hangat dan salam kenal buat semua sahabat dan rekan baru yang saat ini sudah menjadi mahasiswa di Universitas Terbuka,,baik yang mahasiswa baru,,,seperti saya,,dan lebih lagi mahasiswa senior,saya termotivasi sebagai mahasiswa karna satu alasan yang kuat dalam diri saya,,,yaitu saya ingin mendapatkan ilmu yang lebih baik.dan mohon kepada semua teman,rekan,sesama mahasiswa Universitas terbuka,untuk sudi membagi ilmunya,,kepada saya,yang baru belajar di Universitas Terbuka,yang sama-sama kita banggakan,,,

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salam hangat
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