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dari Dimas - Rabu, 2 Januari 2008, 12:30
Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, offers a number of MA and PhD
stipends in Intercultural Humanities. Faculty teaching in the program
include specialists on China, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Application deadline: 1 February 2008

Short description of the program:

Intercultural and transcultural issues are becoming increasingly
significant for political, cultural and everyday life on a macro and a
micro level. This is due to processes related to internationalizatio n
and globalization and the cultural changes and conflicts caused by
them. For this reason inter- and transcultural issues have become a
new focus of academic research.

The Graduate Program Intercultural Humanities is a unique and
innovative combined graduate program in History, History and Theory of
Art, and Literature with a special emphasis on intercultural
encounters, cross-cultural transfers, cultural comparison, and
transcultural universals.

The Graduate Program Intercultural Humanities provides students with
insights into the theories and methods used to investigate and
describe inter- and transcultural processes and phenomena. Students
become acquainted with the particularities of research in History,
History and Theory of Art, and Literature as well as with
interdisciplinary approaches applied in intercultural studies in the
humanities. By studying exemplary cases of intercultural encounters,
cross-cultural transfers and transcultural universals students learn
how these theories and methods are applied in each of the fields and,
in a second step, across the fields. In particular, they acquire an
understanding of the historical dimension of the relevant processes
and phenomena and an awareness of the specific problems involved in
interactions between Western and Non-Western cultures, cultural and
aesthetic products and societies.

For more information please visit the program website at: graduate

Prof. Dr. Nicola Spakowski
Jacobs University Bremen
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
P.O. Box 750 561
28725 Bremen
Telephone:+49 421 200-3391
Fax: +49 421 200-3303
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